Thinking about selling your home for fast cash? First, make sure you understand how it works. We interviewed Dustin McGuirk of ibuyhaus to
demystify the process and get insider seller tips.

By staff real estate journalist

In the Pacific Northwest, change is as constant as the tides that caress the picturesque coast. And when the winds of change usher in a new chapter of your life, you may want to sell your home quickly, and for cash.

You’ve likely seen companies offering to “buy any house for cash,” but how do these companies actually work? Do they offer fair prices, and is the process actually safe?

To demystify these questions, we interviewed cash home-buying expert Dustin McGuirk. Dustin is an experienced property wholesaler and the owner of ibuyhaus, a Portland-based company that buys houses for cash faster than they can normally be sold through an agent.

Dustin McGuirk is a home buying expert operating in Oregon and Washington.

Before diving in, it’s important to understand how the business works: ibuyhaus isn’t a traditional real estate company. They’re not agents, they don’t list houses, and they don’t charge a commission fee. Instead, they’re professional home buyers. They buy your house directly, often in days, and entirely in cash. That means home sellers don’t need to renovate their property or show their home to streams of curious buyers.

Instead, ibuyhaus purchases houses “as-is,” and performs the necessary repairs and improvements after the sale. This approach is more cost-effective because they have an existing network of trusted contractors and suppliers. Plus, contractors can work much faster and safer on a house when it’s not being lived in.

Dustin will shed light on how the rest of the process works using ibuyhaus as an example, and exactly how home sellers can benefit from the unusual cash-sale approach.

Estate Monthly: Dustin, you’ve built a very respectable home-buying company across Oregon and Washington, and I can tell you have passion for the business. Why did you originally choose this line of work?

Dustin McGuirk: Well, my journey into the industry is deeply rooted in my passion for real estate, renovation, and most importantly, people. I found myself captivated by the idea of transforming homes, not just physically, but also in terms of the positive experiences I can offer homeowners.

Beyond the business itself, I found a purpose. I saw how the traditional agent-centered way of selling homes across Oregon could be stressful for many homeowners, and I wanted to provide an alternative—a smoother, faster, and more hassle-free experience. The idea of beautifying Portland one house at a time through stunning renovations also resonates with me. Every home has potential, and it’s rewarding to unlock that potential and bring about positive change in the community.

Estate Monthly: Let me cut directly to the big question on everyone’s mind. If a company buys homes for cash, can they really offer fair prices?

Dustin McGuirk: Absolutely, great question. I can’t speak for other companies, but for ibuyhaus, fairness in our property dealings is the number one reason we’re successful.

If you have the time and money and knowledge, then you can do your own home renovations and then sell through a traditional agent. That should get you a slightly higher sale price, but you’ll also have to pay agent commissions.

That’s why the homes I buy are usually below current market value, but my offer always reflects the house’s overall condition and the fact we can complete the sale quickly and easily.

Estate Monthly: So how exactly would you determine what price to offer for a house?

Dustin McGuirk: We keep things transparent and open, so our approach is as simple as it gets. When determining an offer price for a home, we consider the basic factors. We look at the location of your property, any necessary repairs, the current state of the house, and how much similar houses in the area have recently sold for. We’re aware that the real estate market has had its ups and downs over the last five years, and house values in many areas are still on their way to recovery. We consider all this to come up with a fair price. Our aim is to reach an offer that feels right for both you and us. At the end of the day, we want a win-win deal so we can all feel good and move on.

Estate Monthly: What would you say are some of the primary reasons homeowners choose to work with cash home buying companies like ibuyhaus over traditional real estate methods?

Dustin McGuirk: In my experience, many homeowners aren’t looking for a jackpot payout. Instead, they place value on the speed and convenience we deliver. An immediate cash offer, a fast closing process with no need to wait for financial approvals, and best of all, no need to invest your time, effort or funds in property repairs or agent fees. Fairness is important to me so I always offer a no-obligation quote. It’s a chance for you to see what we can offer before you make your decision.

Estate Monthly: It sounds like choosing ibuyhaus versus a traditional agent comes down to personal choice and how much time and improvement funds you have. But what are situations where ibuyhaus is a clearly better choice?

Dustin McGuirk: You’re right; ibuyhaus is a good choice when you don’t have the time or funds, or experience to prepare and sell your home yourself. Other common situations I see include selling a home due to divorce, foreclosure, probate, or the sudden need to relocate for work. Or sometimes a house has problems that are too big for the owners to fix, like foundation issues, mold damage, or code violations.

Estate Monthly: Everyone knows that real estate agents earn a healthy commission, which they need to cover the costs of giving property improvement advice, staging and showing the home, and negotiating with buyers. How does it work with ibuyhaus? Are there any extra fees or commissions?

Dustin McGuirk: No, the bottom line is there are no fees or commissions when you choose to sell your house to us. We simply make an offer, and if it aligns with your expectations, we proceed to buy your house for cash. Quite often, we cover the closing costs as well. Another great advantage for you is the freedom from any financial burdens associated with the property and its payments.

Estate Monthly: What’s an insider tip you can offer home sellers who are considering a cash sale?

Dustin McGuirk: It’s really important to know that some home-buying companies give inflated initial offers over the phone. They’ll later use an “inspection report” to come back and ask for a price reduction after they have you in a contract. It’s not a good tactic and it gives cash home buyers a bad name, so that’s why we prefer to first give a fair value range instead of a hard price, and it doesn’t require a contract.

Estate Monthly: You mentioned your no-obligation quote. How does that work? Is it a big process, or can it be done online?

Dustin McGuirk: Yes, it’s pretty simple. I’m all about the no-pressure approach when it comes to the home value quote. It’s all about understanding your unique situation and needs, so once you share some details about your property, we take the time to review it, possibly setting up a call for a more in-depth discussion. We then present an all-cash offer that we believe is fair to both parties.

As for doing it online, that’s no problem at all. You can get a fair cash offer range for any home in Oregon or Washington in just a few minutes by visiting ibuyhaus.