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New Home Buyer Guide for Houston, Texas

Houston real estate market is diverse with growing population, lack of zoning regulations and stable job market. This article includes tips for buying a home or renting an apartment in Houston. ...

New Home Buyer Guide for Seattle

The Seattle real estate market is known for high demand and tight inventory. Follow these quick tips to find and purchase a property in Seattle. The ...

New Home Buyer Guide for Welland, Ontario

Welland, Ontario offers affordable housing options and steady growth in the market for first-time home buyers, with a diverse range of housing options and a modest but robust economy. ...

Why Zillow Suddenly Paused Home Buying

In a surprising move, massive real estate site Zillow suddenly stops its direct home buying program Zillow Inc. announced on Monday that it will pause buying ...

Chicago: A Tale of Two Markets

Real estate expert Tom Campone shares insights on Chicago’s Fall 2021 outlook, and tips for entering the market In Chicago, the real estate market is ...